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The Craft Beer Scene in South Africa

blog craft beerNot everyone is a beer drinker, but Craft Beer seems to be growing in popularity in South Africa simply because of its enormous variety and uniqueness. For this reason, it is opening up the art of beer making and tasting to a completely new market.

We are seeing an incredible rise in the number of microbreweries springing up across the country, to the point where it has become quite a large attraction and point of interest for many travellers.

Many of the microbreweries across the country have tours and tastings at their breweries and it makes for quite an interesting and exciting experience.

So why not include Craft Beer tasting on your trip around South Africa.

Here is a list of some of the microbreweries around the country:

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Gap Year Ideas

blog gap yearThe concept of a gap year seems to have become common place today. Is it seen as a “right of passage”, time to “find yourself” or is it simply a time of stress free fun and exploration?

However a gap year is perceived, one thing that should certainly be adhered to is that you should make the absolute best of that time. Sitting at home playing TV games should not be the purpose of a gap year.

So what is out there in South Africa that is going to help you grow, learn and experience?

Here’s a few of our suggestions:

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Travel Blogging

blog travelblogIm sure almost all of us have at some point pondered the thought of becoming a travel blogger, or at least daydreamed about the romanticized idea of traveling the world and exotic destinations while earning a buck doing so.

Sure, it’s an attractive thought, but as with ANY other business, travel blogging takes hard work, persistence and a substantial amount of time to become self-sustaining as an income generating venture.

Here are a few tips to get to pointed in the right direction if travel blogging is a passion you cannot ignore:

Invest in Your Business

It is important to remember that a travel blog is an online business. For that reason, your business tool is your website. This is an area that you cannot and must not attempt to cut costs on. Invest in a website that is professionally built, is capable as a blogging platform and reaches an audience by being professionally managed. Make sure that you content is well presented and concentrated on SEO done by professionals. Your website is going to be the base from which you present to an audience and from which you build your following. Make it a place that people enjoy visiting. Think of it as your 24/7 shop front to your business.

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The Glamping Craze Explained

blog glampingSimply put, Glamping is a term coined for glamorous camping, and is a movement that is growing rapidly in the tourism market.

Born from peoples want to experience nature, not from afar, but to immerse themselves in it, to live IN it, without sacrificing creature comforts. Glamping is the true definition of nature meets modern luxury.

Glamping is however not limited to a luxury tenting experience, it has become a segment of the travel market that encompasses varied accommodation experiences such as tents, villas, cabins, lodges, tipis and treehouses.

At isiXula we cater for these experiences through various packages, to bring our clients closer to nature.

View our latest offering at https://www.isixulaafricantours.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=170

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